Arian Croft

Co-founder and lead designer for Ill Gotten Games.

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Arian Croft's Things

Dominion Striker Gunship

Odinn's Dice

Cyvasse Pieces

Faithful of the Luminous Goddess #Pocket-Tactics

Epic Bigery

Omnisphere Kickstarter Promo

Saga of the Nine World (Logo)

Voidscape Resource Pack

Lightbringer Class 2 Commercial Research Vessel

Warden of Midgard

Varl Shieldbanger (from Banner Saga)

Separatist Frigate #Breach

Medium Medieval Barrel #multiverse28mm

Giant-Sized Professor #multiverse25mm

Dungeon Dolls

Warden of Midgard, 54mm, 28mm, and 15mm

Emer Emerson, Pigman Pathfinder