BAD-533D, Servitor Convict #30CharactersChallenge

by Arian Croft about a year ago
BAD-533D, Servitor Convict #30CharactersChallenge CC BY-NC-SA 3.0
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    • Perry about a year ago
      I'm sucker for cybernetics
    • Arian Croft about a year ago
      Yeah, me too. I just got this guy printed up/painted. Now to Thningiverse him.
    • Perry about a year ago
      I do like a nice paint - up. I think the overall push i not to painting ( on thingirverse,)( makerbot does sell colored filament and that's an incentive) my feeling is the opposite. Folks used to pay to paint ceramics and have them fired, lots of figures for warhammer etc are made to be painted. this is one of the things some people actually like to do.
    • Arian Croft about a year ago
      Does Thingiverse encourage people not to paint their things?
    • Arian Croft about a year ago
      *Er, discourage from painting, I should say...
    • Perry about a year ago
      To fair to them I wouldn't say they specifically discourage it. I do think they have a dog in the fight though. dual extrusion is almost exclusively aimed at color ( i had hoped that soluable support was going to be the focus) and they sell filament of many colors. Hard to not say they have a bias. I am not in any way saying they are "bad", just extrapolating from the facts.