QRCode City #QRCode

by burhop about a year ago
QRCode City #QRCode CC BY-SA 3.0
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    • burhop about a year ago
      This is the model I created with my scan code. I also created three "blanks" so you can create your own. They are under the #QRCode
    • Agustin M Sevilla about a year ago
    • burhop about a year ago
      Has anyone tried actually scanning it in? This one takes you to a blog post but you can use these QR Codes for addresses, phone numbers, business cards, secret messages, whatever.
    • Anon Ymus about a year ago
      Maybe it should go to this page :-)
    • burhop about a year ago
      Anon, yes. good idea :-)
    • Johan™ Strandberg about a year ago
      I scanned it with Google Goggles right off the screen using my Android phone, Worked on the first try and I used the https://tinkercad.com/images/hldPzOkw1F7/t725.jpg?t=5010391d link so it was a picture of the real thing, not the tinkercad rendered image. Neat idea and neat implementation. I just love hiding a city in there.